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Are you ready to start your journey as a beekeeper? Look no further than our Ultimate Beginner's Beekeeping Kit. This kit includes all the necessary tools to get started on your beekeeping journey and ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Collecting Frames:

Our kit comes equipped with a variety of tools for collecting frames, including a 1 L hook, 1 J hook, 1 frame grip tool, 1 smoker, and 1 brush. With these tools, you can easily manage your hive and ensure that your bees stay healthy and happy.

Harvesting Honey:

When it comes time to harvest your honey, our kit has you covered. We've included a serrated uncapping knife, an uncapping fork, a honey straining net, and a honey flow gate to make the process as easy as possible.With these tools, you'll be able to extract your honey quickly and efficiently. Attach the honey flow gate to a 5-gal bucket to allow for easy bottling once the honey has been extracted and strained.

Queen Bee Marking:

Our kit also includes tools for marking your queen bee, including 2 queen catcher clips and 1 queen marking cage. With these tools, you can easily locate and mark your queen bee, ensuring that your hive stays organized and healthy.

Ultimate Beginner's Beekeeping Kit - 12 Pieces

$55.95 Regular Price
$44.95Sale Price
    • 1 L-Hook
    • 1 J-Hook
    • 1 Frame grip
    • 1 Brush
    • 1 Smoker
    • 1 Queen marking cage
    • 2 Queen catcher clips
    • 1 Uncapping fork
    • 1 Serrated uncapping knife
    • 1 Honey straining Net
    • 1 Honey flow gate