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When cocoa beans are roasted, the shell and bean separate. This mulch is made from cocoa bean shells. Many gardeners enjoy the sweet smell and attractive appearance of cocoa shell mulch. Organic cocoa bean shell mulch contains nitrogen, phosphate, and potash, and has a pH of 5.8. The approximate fertilizer value is 2.5-1-3. It adds beneficial nutrients to the soil and will not burn vegetation. Using cocoa shell mulch in the garden increases soil vitality and is an attractive top cover for potted plants, flower beds, and vegetable gardens.

  • FRESH AND MODERN LOOK – Enjoy the new look and beautiful color this mulch will bring to your potted plants. Elevate your plants by using mulch to add an attractive top layer. This cocoa mulch provides a clean appearance by hiding the soil.
  • WONDERFUL FRAGRANCE – Delight in the sweet, chocolatey aroma that emanates from our mulch.
  • ALL NATURAL – Made from 100% natural organic cocoa bean shells. When cocoa beans are roasted, the shell and bean separate.
  • SUSTANIBLY SOURCED – Our cocoa beans are sustainably sourced and originate from Belize, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Uganda, among other countries.
  • EASY TO USE – Place mulch on top of soil one inch (1”) deep. This mulch does not interfere with watering.
  • MANY BENEFITS – Our ultra-fine mulch provides many benefits: Adds nutrients to the soil, allows water to seep into the soil, provides a layer of protection to reduce evaporation and retain moisture, and regulates soil temperature
  • GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES – Perfect size for indoor / outdoor potted plants, as well as small flower beds and gardens.
  • WARNING Dog owners should beware when using cocoa shell mulch: shells contain varying amounts of caffeine and theobromine, compounds that are toxic to dogs. The sweet smell of the cocoa mulch can be attractive to dogs and could potentially be dangerous if consumed. If you have animals that have access to mulched areas in your yard, consider applying a dog repellent to the area, or consider using an alternative non-toxic mulch. If your dog ingests cocoa bean shells, call your vet immediately.

Organic Cocoa Bean Shell Mulch - Cocoa Hulls - for Potted Plants & Flower Beds

PriceFrom $19.95
    • FOR POTTTED PLANTS: Water plant thoroughly and then apply a one inch (1”) thick layer around plant. Do not heap around the stem of plant.
    • FOR GARDENS AND FLOWER BEDS: Water plants thoroughly and then apply a one inch (1”) thick layer over growing area. Do not heap around stems of plants. Do not use landscape fabric or plastic sheeting under the cocoa shell mulch. If soil underneath mulch is dry, watering may be necessary.