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Dutch Buckets are a type of hydroponic system where plants are grown in a bucket filled with a growing medium, like perlite. A nutrient-rich water solution is added to a reservoir connected to the buckets. The solution is cycled through a drip system and drained back into the reservoir. This allows for faster growing times and multiple harvests per year.


  • SIMPLE AND VERSATILE: Easy to adjust bucket spacing.
  • SAVES WATER AND NUTRIENTS: This hydroponic system reduces water usage by using a pump to recirculate water.
  • SCALEABLE SETUP: Easy to add to more hydroponic buckets to the system as you expand.
  • GREAT FOR LARGE PLANTS: These buckets are suited for larger crops and vine crops, such as tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, peppers, and more! You can produce large plants while maintaining careful control over your garden. 

Hydroponic Dutch Buckets - 11L Bato Buckets with Siphon Elbows

PriceFrom $54.95