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  • 4ft LED Grow Light with single row LED chip design for maximum light penetration and coverage
  • Full spectrum light including blue, red, and white light for healthy plant growth and mimicking natural sunlight
  • Energy efficient at only 32 watts with advanced LED technology
  • T8: 1" diameter grow light
  • Suitable for a variety of indoor growing environments, from small grow tents to larger grow rooms and greenhouses
  • Super bright and high PPFD with over 95% light energy absorption by plants
  • 100% aluminum shell for high-efficiency heat dissipation and longer service life of LED chips
  • Easy installation with included tape, clips, and cable ties
  • Plug-and-play with the ability to link up to 6 grow light strips in a series for cost and time savings.

32W LED Grow Light - 4ft Full Spectrum LED - 6 Pack

$139.95 Regular Price
$119.95Sale Price