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4 Simple Steps to Becoming More Self-Reliant

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

How do I become more self-reliant?

When people think about self-reliance they may picture pioneers or farmers

who are hard at work. From sunup to sundown, sweat dripping as they labor under the

hot sun. It’s not a very appealing picture to the modern-day American. However, the

goal of self-sufficiency can be much more worthwhile and attainable thanks to modern

day innovations.

Being self-reliant isn’t an all or nothing endeavor. Most families, even many

farmers, may never become completely independent. Yet, taking these first few steps

to becoming self-sufficient can lead to a healthier, simpler, and more fulfilling life.

Here are 4 ways to make your life easier by being self-reliant.

1. Grow the Best Produce

Gardening may seem impossible depending on your lifestyle and where you live.

However, the benefits of homegrown produce is something each household would

greatly profit from. There are simple, yet rewarding ways for everyone to grow the best

produce. For those living a more urban city life, they may find a few pots or window

boxes to be helpful. A little watering here or there and they could soon have their own

herbs or vegetables to grab from. Rentable garden boxes and in home plant stands

have also become a popular option.

The suburban life brings a bit more space, but perhaps not enough. Families

living in these areas may enjoy raising a few chickens and growing a garden with a

higher variety. The health benefits and nutrition of home grown produce and fresh

eggs is beyond anything found at stores. Free from probiotics, antibiotics, hormones,

pesticides, and many other harmful additives, nothing can match this tastier and more

affordable alternative.

Interested in Building a greenhouse? See which style would be best for you

2. Cook from Scratch

Self-sufficiency means more than growing the best at home. It can also take the

form of breaking free from packaged foods that are riddled with preservatives and

other harmful ingredients. To those accustomed to frozen dinners, canned vegetables,

and powder mixes, this can be quite a change. The reward reaped from this lifestyle

shift is far greater than the effort needed. With practice, cook books, videos, and many

other resources, cooking from scratch can become as quick and simple as cooking with

pre-packaged ingredients. Putting time aside for intentionally cooking a meal can be a

time to reconnect with loved ones, refocus on your health, as well as slowing down the

rapid world we live in. Becoming more mindful and in the moment. Creating meals

with natural and homegrown ingredients can shift your path to a happier and

healthier one.

3. Clean with Natural Cleaners

As you move further down the path of self-reliance, you may find a cleaner

destination waiting for you. There are hundreds of ways to save money and to live

green by switching out cleaning supplies. Rather than covering the surfaces in your

with highly chemical and toxic cleaners, look towards the healthier alternative. Some

of the most basic elements of cleaning products can be found right there in your

pantry. Vinegar, baking powder, salt, and lemon juice are a cheaper and cleaner option

to clean your entire home. Find peace of mind in knowing that the surfaces you eat off

of and touch daily are safely cleaned, rather than consuming a chemical that can have

poor affects on the human body. Make the shift for a cleaner and healthier earth and


4. Know the Solution

Self-reliance is not only a lifestyle, but also a mindset. It is becoming

increasingly popular to learn how to fulfill simple basic needs in day-to-day life.

Things like car and home repairs are easy to accomplish with resources such as

YouTube, Pinterest, and even Instagram. Knowledge is easily spread and shared from

skilled professionals. Many others have found “at home” life to be enjoyable and

convenient. Leading to things like homeschool, at home offices, and further

self-reliance. Simple skills to learn and add to your tool belt may be things like sewing,

canning, baking, gardening, and basic handyman repairs. When you begin to rely on

yourself more, you may find an increased power and freedom in not having to hire

outside sources that will quickly shrink your wallet!

In Closing

No need to fear a life of labor to be self-sufficient, rather you can find hope in

the benefits of healthy and helpful habits. Moving into these habits will give you

homegrown food, nutritious meals, green cleaning, and a new skill set. Wherever you

find your balance of following these 4 steps, you can cultivate an environment of

growth, learning, and expansion. Then reap the benefits as you step into a life of



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