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heber greenhouse 2023


We are thrilled to announce the release of our first 3 models of custom greenhouse plans! Our greenhouse plans are designed with versatility and affordability in mind to help you achieve your gardening dreams.

Choose from 8x16', 12x18', and 24x60' sizes or we can create a custom plan to fit any location.

Our easy-to-follow designs include a detailed materials list, comprehensive instructions, and optional features to personalize your greenhouse. Email us at or send a message to us below to learn more about our custom greenhouse plans and start growing year-round for a steady supply of fresh produce!

8x16 upscaled.jpeg

The Terra - 8 x 16

A modern and stylish option for gardeners who want a compact and functional growing space. The design features a sleek and contemporary sloped roof that provides ample headroom, allowing for a comfortable gardening experience. The full-sized door and sliding window provide easy access to the interior and allow for maximum airflow and ventilation. The Terra's compact size makes it ideal for those with limited outdoor space or for those who want a greenhouse that's easy to maintain.

12x18 upscaled.jpeg

The Harvest - 12 x 18

A perfect choice for gardeners who want a spacious and efficient growing space. The peaked roof design provides ample headroom, making it easy to move around inside and work comfortably. The Harvest features a full-sized door in the front, as well as two large sliding windows in the back that provide excellent ventilation and airflow. The spacious interior is perfect for multiple raised garden beds, various growing systems, or even growing trees and other tall plants. This greenhouse is an ideal option for gardeners who have ample outdoor space and wish to grow plants on a larger scale.

24x60 upscaled.jpeg

The Heber - 24 x 60

A large and versatile space for serious gardeners and commercial growers. With ample room for multiple raised garden beds and various growing systems, you can grow a wide variety of crops, including exotic plants and flowers. The Heber features high-quality materials and insulation to maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the year. The long row of sliding windows and roof vents span the entire length of the greenhouse, providing excellent ventilation. This greenhouse is perfect for those looking to grow plants on a very larg scale or for commercial use.

Watch these two short videos if you are interested in seeing us build and grow in our first 24x60' 4-Season Greenhouse in Heber, Utah. You will get a glimpse of the materials we used, the equipment we employed, and the techniques we implemented to bring this project to life. So come join us on this exciting journey as we build our greenhouse!

In this video, we'll show you how to extend your growing season and enjoy fresh produce all year round in a 4-season greenhouse. Many gardeners struggle to keep their plants alive during the winter months, but with the right tools and techniques, you can continue to harvest fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits even in the coldest of seasons.

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