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Empowering Self-Sufficiency Through Homesteading

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Homesteaders West comprises several families who started their homesteading journey over 30 years ago. Their dream was to achieve self-reliance and live a simpler, debt-free lifestyle. They started small and gradually expanded their homesteads to include greenhouses, fruit trees, bees, cows, solar energy, wells, and off-grid living. Over time, they also managed to become debt-free.

Throughout their journey, they learned to preserve their harvest through canning, dehydrating, and freeze-drying. They grow crops year-round in their Net Zero greenhouse, where temperatures have reached as low as -17°F, and they even grow exotic crops like citrus and banana trees. Despite facing various challenges such as pests, weather, and a steep learning curve, they persevered and made their homesteads more self-sufficient and sustainable with each passing year. Through their experience, they learned the value of hard work, patience, and persistence, and they have come to appreciate the simple joys of living close to the land. Their story is one of learning, growth, determination, resilience, and the rewards that come from living a life of self-reliance and stewardship.

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